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  • MU 111

    Christine comes over to visit her friend Kellie. While visiting she notices several pieces of her clothes lying around the house. She accuses Kellie of stealing and a fight breaks out. The two muscular beauties rip each others clothes off and wrestle topless wearing only thong bikini bottoms. Soon this match turns sensual and both females become highly aroused. The heat mounts as they massage oil all over each others rock hard muscular bodies and grind and pump each other into a sexual frenzy.
  • TRV-MV-405
    Menage-A-Trois Wrestling is a three for all rough and rowdy ring fest

    Three women are fighting for supremacy and only one can win.

    Las Vegas challenge TRV-59, Wrestling Fever TRV-73, Threes Company (unreleased), Vegas Bombshells TRV-89. A fantastic 60 minute compilation!
  • Soap 233
    Sexy young blond Andi returns to the Academy, looking to rebound from her prior loss to Synn Sakai in AX 182. . Andi caused an uproar when, in her debut match, she woman-handled and fucked muscular fitness model Wenona, only to be humbled by Eurasian Synn in her next match.

    Madison has had some great successes, but today she gives away four inches to Andi. Madison is petite but solid and very strong, and her skills are improving rapidly.

    The match sees one battler take control early, and using exceptional balance and conditioning, ride her opponent effectively until she can maneuver her victim into painful arm bar, joint lock, and scissor submissions.

    By the time the match is finished, both women are entirely certain which one is the superior combatant. Then the fun REALLY starts and the loser is folded neatly in half and driven to multiple orgasms before being forced to satisfy her happy mistress orally and with a gigantic vibrator!
  • WAR 3
    Redd Mary is 5' 4 inches and 130 pounds of dynamite. Absolute fucking killer! This lady isn't movie star material and it's a shame she hasn't made more videos (we think because producers don't believe she has a "marketable" look) because Redd can probably beat any woman in the world at her weight (Ziggy, Raquel, etc.). If she can't, it would be damn close. Reyna is a lovely 5'5", 125 pound weightlifter and competitive swimmer; Reyna's not only a damn good looker but she can wrestle.
  • WH CAN
    Canadian Beauty Coralie challenges Honey to an oil wrestling match with pins or submissions. Honey is the more experienced and technical fighter but the oil allows her opponent to escape time after time. Coralie uses her body well and sensually pins Honey over and over. Honey comes roaring back with an incredible figure-4 head scissor submission. These stunning beauties with incredible bodies enjoy the sensation of rubbing oil all over each other in between falls. This match goes down to the wire as one girl hopelessly is pinned beneath the oil covered body of the proud winner.

KO 20 part 2

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